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So this popped up on my Facebook feed this morning and it was so absolutely ridiculous that I felt compelled to churn out an entire post on it and on other sorry excuses for articles. (The original news post is from All Singapore Stuff, the social media cockroach you keep trying to kill. Or more accurately that one facetious uncle at your Chinese New Year reunion that keeps making inappropriate remarks about the waitress in front of your remorseful aunt.)

This is what I’m talking about:


The accompanying text is her private Facebook status update, copied verbatim:

“About yestererday, Lol shit hit the fan. I don’t remember anything past 4PM while I was in Pulau Ubin , I remember waking up at 11 PM with bruises all over my body and I was wet?!?! and a headache. I collapsed on my way to Bangbang

I called Daniel Cheng because I have no friends, I was freaking out and crying. He took my to NUH, I was completely drugged out of my mind. I can’t walk and I was severely dehydrated, I have a concussion and half my thumb nail is half missing.

They sent me straight to the police. I was there all night, my makeup GONE , nonrecollection of posting anything last night, still can’t walk and one LONG ASS MC. meaning no work for 2 weeks”

And this is my idea of what transpired:

  1. She went out in the late afternoon and was on her way to a club I presume.
  2. Collapsed.
  3. Woke up injured and wet, possible concussion.
  4. Called a friend who took her to NUH.
  5. Got sent to the police.

Can somebody please explain to me how it makes sense to postulate rape and make it the highlight in the title? All Singapore Stuff just projectile vomited the most sensationalist words they could think of to come up with a title. She could have been sexually assaulted yes, but in that case it is common protocol among serious journalists (and decent human beings) to protect the identity of the victim. She could have been robbed as well, or the victim of alcohol poisoning. And of course, All Singapore Stuff goes straight to publishing the juiciest headline they could fathom. No sympathy whatsoever for the woman involved, and no concern about journalistic integrity.

It’s so convenient isn’t it, to literally write no content at all, copy someone’s private Facebook status, and then slap a title on it with the word “rape”. Wait for the clicks to come rolling in.

The woman involved, Jade Rasif, is an attractive and popular figure on Instagram. This plus the fact that she’s female, puts her in a particularly vulnerable position vis à vis the people who are itching to create viral content. She has everything a sleazy website owner could dream of: the cleavage that makes for a tempting thumbnail picture, a large number of curious followers who would surely concern themselves with her private business, and the sort of lifestyle that would, unfortunately, brand her a slut in the eyes of the floundering public. People are so vindictive. We’re just dying to see someone at the apex of her game be dragged on the internet for something that might not even have happened.

I can always count on the comments section on these articles to produce intellectual gems, and they sure did not disappoint today.

The top comment on Facebook is “What does it mean I “collapsed on my way to bangbang”? She was already going for a bangbang. Somebody banged her on her way to bangbang. Not the person who was supposed to bang her but somebody else banged her instead. God dammit!!”

Other comments:

“Tell ppl also no use…u want everyone to know that u been raped or what…”

“huh ? who cares , we not your friends like what you said you had only 1 friend . #attentiongseeker

Well somebody here really is an attention seeker. But who might that be? Her? Or All Singapore Stuff, the website that posted her Facebook status?

(And also, in the case of an actual rape, I think it’s good practice to let people know what had happened to inform the public about how safe our streets are, to take active ownership of the situation, to find and name the perpetrator, and to not live in shame for someone else’s evildoing. Why can’t a rape victim tell everyone she got raped if she’s willing to sacrifice her privacy to find the rapist? Is it a shameful thing to have someone attack you? Gee, I wonder why so many actual rape cases go unreported in such a social climate.)

I am sick and tired of All Singapore Stuff and similar websites, like Stomp and RazorTV. I cannot believe that Stomp and RazorTV are to this day unabashedly affiliated with Singapore Press Holdings. Just look at the most popular videos on RazorTV’s Youtube Channel.


Girlfriend from hell, sheer dresses, sexy naughty me, Gan Lu Lu and her crazy mom (and her gratuitous cleavage), a girl in Geylang in a towel, viva erotica, and a video brazen enough to ask if a girl deserved to be molested.

Can we please, as civilized consumers of information, stop supporting such internet content? We’re not animals. You want to point fingers at pretty girls and call them classless, but who is the loser on the internet who was attracted by a cleavage thumbnail?

Very classy.





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