The Scheduling Club and Some Thoughts on Graduating

***Disclaimer: Look away if you’re not from Yale-NUS. If you aren’t from here this post will just be a sappy mess of boring nothing. ***

So I just came back from the Scheduling Club’s last performance. I’m trying to get used to doing all the last things around campus. I finally got my ass to go to the gym (thanks Josh for making me promise you, and thanks Annette for teaching me the wrong way to use the rowing machine thing). Someone recently asked me if I could sing for the upcoming formal dinner and I said okay because it’s probably going to be the last time for me to get over my crippling stage fright issues. Very soon I’m going to be having my last meal in the dining hall, and I’m going to put my last cardboard box on a taxi with too much citrus Air Wick spray.

I don’t feel ready for all this.

And I can’t believe I just heard the Scheduling Club sing for the last time. I won’t hear that combination of voices again. That’s it. Things begin and things end and the present won’t stop becoming the past. It’s so baffling how you can be totally immersed in something when it’s happening, and then in the next instant, that something is completely inaccessible.

I can remember very clearly their first performance in the RC4 multi-purpose hall. It was raining and the water somehow leaked into a circuit and triggered the fire alarm. They were in the middle of singing Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” and I remember thinking “hey isn’t that the chorus from that Jason Derulo song”. (Incidentally that’s quite reflective of the type of basic ass person I was back then.) Thank goodness we are no longer in a building that triggers the fire alarm when it rains. But then again I kinda wish we were.



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